Mesopatomian Goddess of Wine; available as NFT; $500; from art installation Feminina Sube, Isla Mujeres, MX, 2013-2020

Chinese Coddess of Compassion, Mazu, $500, Acrylic on Canvas

Ancient Winged Hittite Goddess, above, $2300, acrylic on canvas

Above, Earth Mother, Assemblage, $800, donated, Cleveland Rape Crisis


Above, Mazu, Chinese Goddess of Compassion (2), $800, acrylic on canvas

Annapurna, Hindu Goddess of Food, Acrylic, above, $2000, sold

My Big Beautiful Body, Acrylic, above, $2300

Above, Celebration, Acrylic on Canvas with Feather, $2700

East Indian Water Goddess Acrylic 2008, Above, $1500

Hindu Goddess Katayani, Watercolor, 2021, Above, $200

Sarasvati, Hindu Goddess of Music, Culture and Learning, Above, Photo of Watercolor, $150

Chinese Goddess of Compassion, Mazu (3), $700

Above: Abstract Sarasvati, Pencil and Ink, $65, sold

Greek Goddess of Recovery, Iaos, Ink and Water Color, $75

Above: Hera, Greek Goddess of Marriage, Ink and Watercolor, $85

Madubani Woman, $300

Egyptian Women withSistrum. Sold

River Goddess, Temple in Elora Caves, India


Temple Goddess Series, not for sale 

Women Musicians in Procession, not for sale

Woman Musician in Procession, $225