None of these images are for sale. They were made for research purposes to explore the meaning of each card through visual apprehension, in conjunction with the course I teach, called Unleashing the Magic of Tarot, in which I guide participants in this technique.

Above: Four of Wands, Fears  anxiety, stress, issues you face are not as bad as they seem, Ink and marker. Nfs

Above: Two of Wands, Crossroads, Withdrawal, Deciding to Stay or Go. Ink and pencil. Nfs

Above: Ten of Swords, Victim of Betrayal, ruin. Ink. Nfs

Above: Four of Pentacles. Scarcity. Watercolor and ink. Nfs

Above: Four of Cups, Oversatiated, Self Involved, Self Absorbed. Watercolor and Ink. Nfs 

Above: Four of Wands. Nesting, Coming Home, Harmony, Good Results. Nfs

Above: Five of Wands. Change, Clash of Ego. Pen and marker.nfs

Above: Five of Pentacles. Losing Faith and Security, Discovering What Remains, Pencil and Ink, nfs

Above: Five of Swords,  Conflict, Defeat, Pain. Pencil and Ink, nfs.

Above: Five of Cups. Dejection, Disappointment, Pencil and Ink nfs.